Sunday, January 15, 2006

post-BETT come down

Well, that was quite a four day experience. My daily BETT routine was doing some presentations on Breeze on the Adobe-formerly-Macromedia stand (apart from Wednesday when Greg from Chalfonts did a presentation on Captivate) and then getting to the HUGToB Moodle stand whenever I could. I couldn't get there nearly enough but when I did there was the sense of something significant happening - I would spend five minutes talking to one or two people (at the same time as other team members were doing the same), they'd leave with a "thank you" and the people waiting behind them would shuffle forward and ask to see Moodle, or ask a question, or request a demo CD, or just say "hello" - all the while people would start waiting behind them to talk to us. I turned up one afternoon and was interviewed by BETT TV (thanks Josie, it was her idea...) - I've no idea where (if anywhere) it might end up, but we shall see.
Standing room only as Miles Berry presents (taken from outside the Software Presentation Theatre)Over at Flickr Stuart Yeates has a few pictures of the HUGToB Moodle stand including some of Miles Berry and Josie Fraser.
One of the most successful things was the presentation that we gave in the Software Presentation Theatre at 1pm on Saturday - it was full to overflowing and it was really good to see lots of people there.

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