Tuesday, January 10, 2006

See Naples and die... see BETT and feel like you already have...

Well, tomorrow is when the orgy of self-promotion and free bags, pens and mouse mats that is BETT begins. Like an elephant in the corner of a room with a severe case of flatulence, you can't ignore BETT... its influence and importance to the education community (and especially to the geeks within it) is immense - people will travel from the other end of the country (and indeed from around the world) to come to it. Senior managers (that's Headteachers and Deputy Heads) in schools who don't use ICT will go to BETT, often led by their ICT co-ordinator or network manager. Some schools descend en masse. And kids? Well, kids need to be invited, lest they run amok and touch stuff they shouldn't, cause trouble, colour outside the lines etc...
BETT 2006 is quite significant, because for the first time, Moodle will (officially) be there. That's a real achievement when you see what some companies - such as Chalkface (who support the stand) say about the Emperor's New Clothes attitude that can exist about BETT among the commercial companies.
The team at Help Us Get To BETT have managed to get a stand (SW154 in case you're interested) at the exhibition, which really is quite something considering the pricing, which is verging on the insane. I'll be supporting in whatever capacity I can, as I'm also there in my capacity as a Macromedia Adobe Education Leader demonstrating the rather wonderful Breeze.

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