Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why "Changing the Game"?

It's an odd name for a blog (but surely an even odder name for a pet). Anyway, the reason this blog is called "Changing the Game" stems from a presentation I saw given by someone who was a fellow Adobe Education Leader - Renaldo Lawrence. This 10 feet tall man was talking about the work he was undertaking with his school and quoted someone else when he said

Do you want to just play a better game or would you rather change the way the game is played?
For some reason, that really struck a chord with me. There are/were dozens of companies offering "VLEs" or "Learning Platforms" to unsuspecting schools and local authorities - and I felt (and still feel) that by using Moodle we have an opportunity to play this particular game in a whole new way, without having to focus on the needs of the shareholders or venture capitalists associated with many of the vendors of Learning Platforms. Instead this might give us the chance to focus on pedagogy and practice instead of product; to build capacity in staff, students and schools rather than the accounts of companies who had more sales people than educationalists. Call it contrary, or awkward, or anything else if you like, but I'd like to hope it's an idea with things going for it.


  1. Ian
    a note to say that I subscribe to the feed and though you may not get much by the way of feedback, I really appreciate what you are doing and the link feed is invaluable and is circulated around my school and LEA contacts
    Chris Bradley