Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Game in Hounslow... to work out how to work within the LGfL framework and deliver Moodle to those who'd love to use it. In LGfL everyone gets DigitalBrain if they want it - and that (from personal comments from a lot of people I've met) seems to be a big 'if'.
Today I was visited by Renaldo Lawrence (teacher, ICT consultant and fellow Macromedia Adobe Education Leader) and Jo Artmitage (the only other E-Learning Co-ordinator I've met so far...) from Hounslow. Renaldo's doing some consultancy for Hounslow and Jo is going to be offering Moodle through a local CLC in Feltham as an asynchrounous platform connecting groups of pupils out of school for joint projects, in conjunction with Click2Meet (videoconferencing and collaboration) as the synchronised part of that equation. Hence it was time for a whistle-stop tour of Moodle, how it's hosted through Atomwide and what some of our schools are doing with it. Before they left we put EasyPHP and Moodle on Renaldo's laptop, so he has his own playground now. Renaldo's a big user of Breeze (in every way) so it'll be really interesting to see if and how he combines the two.
The advantage of running Moodle locally using something like EasyPHP is it means that:

  1. you don't need to buy server space to practice with Moodle
  2. anything you create on your own machine can easily be transferred to a live Moodle instance using the Backup/Restore function
  3. most importantly, you can make mistakes and no-one notices...

Again, things seem to pass me by... on the Moodle downloads page there's now a series of complete install packages. I've not tried them, and Jo reports that she is having trouble with them, but they are definitely the way forward.

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