Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Tooled Up

Today I've been visited by John Davitt - who is either:

  1. a guide to the blindingly obvious
  2. a practical visionary or
  3. the bloke married to someone who I did a BSc in Environmental Studies with

Your choice...
Anyway, John now writes all sorts of articles for theGuardian including a regular column in the Educ@guardian section. I met him at BETT after being-late-for-and-catching-the-end-of his and Tim Brighouse's presentation on Teachers Changing Their World - he had an interesting angle on the whole Learning Platforms thing, Moodle was mentioned, as was the fact that people came from Germany at their own expense to staff the Help Us Get To BETT stand. For a long while now I've wanted him to come and see what we're attempting to do in Buckinghamshire with Moodle & Breeze - and with his seminar referring to Moodle, now seemed as good a time as any.
I spent a while showing him the main BucksGfL Moodle and those of Winslow and Chalfonts Community College, then in the afternoon we went to see Greg H at Chalfonts. Some of Greg's work with the Digital Art students is getting very interesting, I think he should talk at the MoodleMoot this year...

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