Monday, February 13, 2006

Under the radar

...and on a day when I realise that I've clearly been asleep for years, here's another thing I've missed...

The Open Source Academy aims to encourage the use of Open Source software by local authorities throughout the UK, by demonstrating its benefits and by creating an environment where Open Source software is not only inviting, but also safe to use and adopt by all local authorities. It is also looking at best practice advice and guidance from those local authorities who are now experiencing the benefits of using Open Source in the development of their IT systems.
The Open Source Academy is a partnership of local authorities and organisations with experience in the Open Source world, backed by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister through the e-Innovations programme. This site sets out the projects being undertaken by the Open Source Academy and aims to encourage all local authorities to consider this ground breaking IT solution.
Quick! Someone tell Becta - though surely they know? Or you could just sign up...

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