Sunday, February 19, 2006

What does Dennis Daniels do all day?

...he makes a lot of Moodle users' lives easier for a start. While stumbling through the Moodle forums (fora?) I came across some posts Dennis had made and a link to a video "howto" on Google Videos... turns out if you search using

the vast majority of your results are from Dennis. If you want to do any of the following:

then his videos are good places to start. Here in Buckinghamshire we're planning on creating some similar ones using Captivate (by Macromedia) in conjunction with West Sussex, who are starting to do something similar. It certainly beats listening to me explain it over and over again - and also, with the share-and-share alike nature of resources in the Moodle world, shouldn't everyone be doing this, possibly as an integrated part of the MoodleDocs wiki?

If you'd like to start recording your own demonstrations (annotated, with commentary and even a talking head from your webcam...) for Moodle then why not try CamStudio version 2.0 (not 2.1) - v2.0 is Open Source, creates AVI files and has an AVI to Flash SWF converter so you can include the output on your own web pages, or even your own Moodle. Ker-ching!

UPDATE: 25th Feb 2006:
Oh, and here's an addition. Since these are on Google Videos, you can use the code on the video's page to add it to a web page embedded in a mini version of Google's Video player... so here's a ten minute video on Creating a Workshop in Moodle:

So, any guesses how long it is before most LEAs and RBCs block access to Google videos?


  1. unfortunately google video does not work in Korea. BTW what are LEAs and RBCs?

  2. These are fantastic. Dennis Daniels has done a splendid job of sharing these resources.