Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Zen, the Art of Good Practice and an Afronaut

Came across some nice replacement icons for the default Moodle set today from the MoodleZenGarden. It might be a bit confusing to try and foist them on schools already using Moodle, but ones just starting out might appreciate it, although once you've been working with a set of icons, however clunky, they start to resonate with what they lead to... so I guess our mileage may vary. I've tried rolling my own for the main BucksGfL site, but it's always a pain to have cobble them together by hand.
Elsewhere, as picked up by Josie Fraser, the Good Practice Case Studies section of the DfES's 14-19 Gateway has a report entitled Helping Young People to Learn at Their Own Pace in a Rural Area with Moodle - which does (or describes) exactly what it says on the tin©.
It involved collaboration with a Work-Based Learning provider to provide the training materials for a group of students - with the main aim to support independent learners. Adrienne Carmichael is the person to follow this up with.
Finally, Mark Shuttleworth (aka the first African in space) talks about Free Software Out Of Africa in an interview - I've looked at the Shuttleworth Foundation in the past, after their involvement in SchoolTool, an open source school administration system and there have been a few references to SchoolTool among the SIF discussions at

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  1. the article subject-line got me here (for obvious reasons). the blog subject matter kept me here. working with plone/zope to do similar work. i look forward to reading further.