Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jason speaks! The Guardian writes!

Leon Cych has a podcast of Jason Cole of the Open University, überMoodler and author of the O'Reilly Moodle book.
Lots of news about blogs, new features, how to get yourself asked to write an O'Reilly book - plus useful information about what to expect from the relationship between Moodle and the OU.
Some really interesting news about groups of Moodle sites working together, using the concept of a Moodle 'hub' - so that teachers across an LEA could share courses so that they can easily be discovered and downloaded by other teachers, within the LEA, RBC or the entire nation?
There's a teaser near the end of the podcast that Jason doesn't expand on... my guess (and that's all it is) is that it's to do with a videoconferencing / collaboration tool - after all the OU did the I-really-like-this-it's-cool HexChat.
In other news, I came across a Moodle-themed cartoon in today's Guardian - which turned out to be accompanying a brief note about some of what Greg and Katie are doing at Chalfonts and Winslow... hurray for them!


  1. I think the podcast is from a while back, Jason is in the states at the recent moodlemoot there, in which case wouldn't the teaser be about Moodle and LAMS?

  2. ...actually, all has now been revealed, it wasn't a Breeze-like webconferencing module at all, it was a £5.65 million project to make learning material free on the internet - doing what sounds like an MIT Open CourseWare-like project to open its learning materials up on the internet, with (for me) some really interesting work in Africa (see further down the press release page).