Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Moodle-on-Sea Part 2

Wednesday - today is the exhibition, which as it's normally on the Thursday of the conference (isn't it?) makes it feel like things are nearly over. Anyhoo, a few things happened (both here and elsewhere):

  • Caught the end of a session on Open Source futures in education by Mike Banahan. Looked like quite a good overview, quoting savings at Sir Frederic Osborn School in my current home town of WGC of something like £120,000 by converting to a Linux desktop. A conversation with an ex-colleague at Hertfordshire would indicate that there's more to this than meets the eye though...
  • Andrew Flowerdew gave an excellent presentation on The Learner, the School and the Wider Community which went a good way to illustrating how a much more organic view of a learning platform spec might look - including inputs from 43Things, Flickr, etc. etc. The whole area of Children's Services means that this will be critical, again sets me thinking about how I want to intergrate Elgg with our Buckinghamshire Moodles, but also about the organisational thinking that'll have to happen to make this a reality.
  • Finally, almost as an aside, this little document appeared in the wild for the first time. The Learning Services Framework Agreement looks like the most dull thing in the world, but it could be one of the more critical things in the area of school implementations of learning platforms. Two criteria in section III.2.2 for companies wanting to bid appear to be:
    1. A least three years of audited accounts and
    2. A net worth of more than £700,000

This would appear to be tailor-made for [insert name of commercial provider here] and rule out something like an open source solution, but could there be an opportunity for someone who hosted an open source learning platform, or at least a solution using a number of tools including open source, to bid for that? We shall see...

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