Thursday, March 02, 2006

Moodle-on-Sea Part 3b

This afternoon has been filled with discussions with publishers - looking at incorporating some of the widely available digital learning materials into school Moodles to see how learners and teachers can use them. I've got some SCORM-compliant material for KS3 Maths (mainly Acrobat - teachers' notes - and Flash - interative activities) from Nelson Thornes and am looking to get some content, or at least ideas on how to use existing content resources, from Pearson. This avenue will probably be most useful for the series of small groups of primary schools which we hope will soon start using Moodle based on some practice around.
Currently speaking is Keri Facer from Nesta Futurelab about games - her take on Machinima - digital art in the realm of the Red vs Blue stuff which
screeshot of Kampus Learning Environment report cardI've seen at one of the Becta Expert Technology seminars before...
Part of it is all about learning environments - the work that Drew Buddie and I did with Kampus for Design Challenge Ms. Facer's own Futurelab - reminds me that a long time ago we speculated that Moodle could be modified to support:

    Screenshot of Kampus interface and classroom
  • avatars - possibly one or more per student/pupil
  • a visual environment which could be built in a modular fashion - a series of Moodle 'courses' represented as isometric Sims-style 'rooms'

So is that it for another year? I've seen more of Moodle, heard more discussions about it and been asked more about it then I have at any other Naace event - which is to be expected I guess, but it's welcome nonetheless... there's a rumour (?) that next year we'll be in London, so it's au revior to Torquay...

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