Friday, June 02, 2006

and then I woke up

I've spent today at - the semi-official launch of the UK's educational blogging community. It was held at the Living Space in Waterloo, a place with a nice layout, a fairly unreliable internet connection and lots of educational blogers intent on working out where to take blogging (social software? web 2.0? whatever...) in education.
A bit of a wake up call and it motivates me to get back in the habit of sharing what's going on in Bucks... it's been nearly three months and lots of 'interesting' things are happening and might be happening soon... primary work, meetings with Becta, thoughts about Elgg and portfolios... so I'll go through all of the posts I've written over my head in the last few months and put them down - in the correct dates, so there's some semblance of order and so that I can prove to someone that I wasn't faffing around doing nothing for three months.

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