Monday, June 05, 2006

Bedford School go Moodle

Today I was at Bedford School, doing half a day's consultancy on implementing Moodle. I met a lot of very enthusiastic people, some who'd been doing Moodle behind the scenes at the Prep School and others who've started off in the main school. Some staff at the school went through a process of evaluating all sorts of learning resources and decided on Moodle - they will have it synchronised with the existing school logins so that will ensure that a potential barrier to effective use (the "what, another username and password for me to forget?") stands a better chance of being taken down.
In other vaguely-related-to-Moodle news: I got an invitation to try the new Google Beta Labs application Google Spreadsheets. It's fantastic and I anticipate that I shall shortly be kissing Excel goodbye... read more in the Help Area or have a look at some screenshots in the tour. Imagine all this and Writely (purchased by Google a while ago) within Moodle.
Random thought: do you think Google or Microsoft (or someone) will ever try to offer Martin Dougiamas a shedload of used fivers?

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