Saturday, June 24, 2006

I've seen the future and it's...

...currently in the shape of a "Z".
With the release of ZohoShow Zoho finally have something approaching a complete Web 2.0 (sorry, had to use it) Office suite. Here's a test presentation for you to look at... it's a little clunky to use but the ability to import slides from MS Office or OpenOffice makes it v v nice thank you. It's easy to link to your images on Flickr (I love that) - how about a version inside Elgg (or similar) which linked to the images in your ePortfolio...
What with Zoho Sheet (which aces Google Spreadsheets by including graph generation), Zoho Writer and shedloads of other tools (including a v nifty web application generator similar to DabbleDB, but free) I'm very excited about the potential to remove the need for licensing (or even installing OpenOffice at home) before pupils / students / staff can do all sorts of standard things without needing to pay for the privelege. Of course, someone will probably snap up Zoho and start charging for things, but it's an excellent example of how increased (and hopefully more reliable) connectivity and storage will move the focus away from the desktop. Anyone feel threatened by that?
Here's a presentation converted straight from a PowerPoint file I gave at a SEGfL meeting this week on video conferencing - a little editing of text required to correct some minor formatting glitches, but everything else (including the Slide Master's background, images and drawing objects) came across fine. Woo-hoo! Some experiments with using these tools in conjunction with Moodle to come, I think...

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  1. Hey, thanks for your kind words about Zoho. Glad you found it useful. Zoho Show was clunky when it came to importing presentations from the hard-disk, but recently (and very recently at that), we improved its performance and imports now load faster. Let us know your feedback.

    Thanks once again!