Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Discupulus Vox

Today I called in at Winslow to (partially) plan what Katie Bownes, Greg Hodgson and I will present at next week's MoodleMoot. While I was there I mentioned how I was meeting some of Year 13 from Chalfonts tomorrow and how it would have been great to get chat to some of the Winslow pupils who'd been among the first to use Moodle through WinsLE. Well, what with it being the last few days of term... ten minutes later I was chatting with half a dozen Year 5 and 6 pupils, recording what they said using Audacity.
Here are some (edited for clarity) quotes from them about their use of the VLE. I particularly like the last three.

I like the fact that we do more ICT.
It makes us feel more grown up... my older brothers and sisters are always doing work using ICT...
It's not like numeracy where we have it every day.
Our teacher could see who's done what.
We have to do things in proper grammar.
I'm not allowed to go on the computer at home to do homework 'cos we have loads of books on virtually every subject, I have to read those first.
My Mum thinks the VLE's clever because she's never set foot on a computer.
It took the whole car journey home
(to explain the VLE to Mum)
My Mum doesn't really know much about the work we do on there other than the work that I've shown her.
It doesn't underline spelling errors like Word does.
I type
(my homework)
up in Word and then paste it into the VLE.
I type my homework straight into the VLE then copy & paste it into Word to print it.
I want to do more of this next year.
Year 4 could use this...
I think we should have done more work on the VLE.... I think we should have had stuff that we
to do on it
If we did
(a particular "mystery" project)
on the VLE then you wouldn't have to give out sheets of paper, and the teachers could send us clues, and you don't lose the sheets of paper.
One of the people
(who doesn't have home internet access)
in my class goes to the Library 'cos you get half an hour free.
I hope that when we get up to secondary school that the VLE gets put in, 'cos I really like it.
Is it going to carry on next year?
I really hope that it goes in the secondary school.
Next year you should include more people in the VLE.
Year 3 and 4 should have a go as well.
I showed it to my
(younger) brother (in Year 2)
and he said it was cool.
I think there should be a special, easy-to-use VLE for younger children...
...possibly an after-school club.
Year 4s have to make a nursery book... when they show it to Reception they could go into the ICT room and show them on the VLE.
I think Year 3s would be really interested in it...
You could put things on there to help them with their Literacy and Maths.
The teachers could show them the VLE in Year 3 but I don't think they should start it until Year 4.
My Dad went on the VLE each time and printed out a copy (of the success criteria) to help me with my homework.
My Mum & Dad said it was really useful and that we were really lucky to have it as a primary school.
We'll be able to tell our grandchildren when they're using it that we were the first people to use a VLE...
...and they'll say "Shut up, it's so boring and old-fashioned"...
...and they'll prod you with your walking stick...

Thanks to Miss Bownes and the Year 5 and 6 pupils from Winslow! Tomorrow I'm meeting some Year 13s from Chalfont - who do you think will be more talkative?

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