Thursday, July 20, 2006

Questions (and answers) about Elgg

If you're ever in Oxford and the relatively heavy weight of all that technology in your oh-so-stylish computer bag begins to mock your aching back with a cry of you brought me all this way and didn't use me? then I can recommend Green's Cafe in St Giles - just north of the City Centre. Fairly traded everything, although I can't be sure how the electricity that powers their free wifi access is generated, it's a fairly good bet that it comes from a green energy supplier or something.
I met Ben Werdmuller upstairs after he cycled in and I fought the roadworks near the Thornhill Park & Ride. Ben is one half of the core team behind the rather wonderful Elgg and we spent a few hours talking about ePortfolios in general and using Elgg at a school level in particular - much like Miles Berry has done at St Ives in Haslemere which has generated a few articles in the media.
So I had lots of questions answered - Elgg is much more configurable than the test installation we've got on the Atomwide servers would appear to be - most stuff is held in a config file which isn't currently manipulated through a form, but rather by direct editing of the file. This will apparently be changed in the next release or so, and it also looks like it's possible to tweak the Elgg code so that certain individuals (we call them nominated contacts for each school in Bucks) can see the data (i.e. file storage) of other non-privileged users from their institution (aka 'students') in the Elgg world. This probably all seems to be a little abstract (it makes sense in my head, so that's OK for me thank you), so maybe my next post should be about how I think a learning landscape like Elgg fits in with what we're doing with Moodle across a local authority and what's coming down the pipe (careful) from the DfES and Becta. However, it's too hot to post that today, and I've a presentation to co-write for the MoodleMoot on Tuesday. Maybe the two could be essentially the same? Hmm...

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