Friday, September 08, 2006

Are you work experienced?

This morning was an early start (for me) to get to Wye Valley in Bourne End by 8.30. A pilot group of 10 KS4 students are starting work experience on Monday and are going to use WyeVLE to record their work experience diaries. Across Buckinghamshire we (well, Atomwide) are currently upgrading our school Moodles from 1.5.n to 1.6.n – it’s a shame this hadn’t happen earlier as I’d like to have explored if and how we might have used the new Database module to achieve this. I don’t think the Blogs feature in 1.6 is mature enough to use at the moment – it seems to be abstracted from the context of a course and isolated in a Moodle site. Considering that it was once intended to replace the Journal module, that’s a shame. In the end we’ve created multiple assignments, one for each day, and provided a template web page for students to copy into their blank journals. I did experiment with using the Wiki module last night but it’s not really flexible and intuitive enough to use at the moment.
Sometimes I’d love to ‘train’ staff and students in the same room – just for the moment when the students started to accelerate away from the majority of the staff… after five or ten minutes the students were up to speed (of course they were) and the hardest thing for them to get was how filling in a work experience diary might fit in with being on a WE placement. We showed them the internal messaging system, explained how to edit their profiles and let them know that the logs are there… the interesting thing will be to see how often their teachers log in…

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