Thursday, September 07, 2006


I hate it when the schools go back After a frustratingly lengthy journey I arrived a not-very-classy hour and ten minutes later than I’d planned at the Feltham CLC – the City Learning Centre which serves local schools, businesses & the community and is part of the London Grid for Learning. I’d been asked to go there by Renaldo Lawrence - The Tallest Man In Educational ICT (or so it feels) – a few months ago I wrote about how I hosted a couple of people from London who were enquiring about Moodle, and today’s training was the consequence of that. Eight people from the Feltham CLC and another CLC were there – they have a Moodle server with the I wish I’d thought of that name Glenn Miller-inspired (maybe) The CLC will take students from a range of local schools and offer them studies online using Moodle. It was similar but very different from Monday’s training – even though half of the people hadn’t really seen Moodle before, after a few hours we were uploading video, audio, animations and thinking about a structure for the site – this was after creating quizzes, assignments, adding RSS feeds and, and, and… it was really good and was a situation where I felt stretched in thinking about what Moodle can and can’t do – which doesn’t happen that often with so many people just starting out.
For me (and for at least one or two people there) the most novel thing we did was incorporate a complete SCORM package from the LGfL resources held in DigitalBrian - in this case one on making masks (see images right and below). It was significant enough to make us realise that it would be a very straightforward thing to do to move lots of content from the LGfL portal into any Moodle web site. So come on LGfL... take the orange pill?!
SCORM package in Feltham CLC's MoodleIt was a good (if long) day – the building’s great, it seems like a great place to work – and everyone was very keen and (I think) convinced that it’s really quite easy to get going in Moodle - they should definitely get in touch with the folks at Stockton CLC.

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