Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The closest thing I've seen to here

This from Desire2Blog (from Desire2Learn, They Who Are Being Sued By Blackboard). It's the closest thing I've seen to what I'd like to achieve here in Buckinghamshire, although maybe the UK context makes things more complicated in this neck of the woods, I'm not sure...

Open Source Integration: " Very interesting project started about a month ago over at in an effort to integrate four useful open source tools into an environment that would have lots of features for e-learning. The tools they are working with are Elgg, Drupal, Moodle, and Mediawiki. This integration should result in the following features being offered: a public facing web presence departmental intranets club/extracurricular sites online class sites a personal workspace for all members of the school community; this workspace includes web-accessible file storage, social bookmarking, a blog, a podcasting platform, and a presentation/portfolio creator a single user base -- no duplicate data entry, no need to synchronize users between multiple databases. Additionally, these technologies/approaches are supported: Podcasting Safe social networking Tagging Informal learning Learner centric ePortfolios Personal Learning Environments Blogging Wikis They are still looking for development help in the form of developers, designers, educators and funding bodies. Check them out. This is an ambitious undertaking..."

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