Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Primary to Secondary

Today I’ve been at Winslow CE Combined for an Inset day – almost all of the teaching staff (including the Head) and some staff from nearby Padbury were involved. We started off with a brief overview of what had been done previously on WinsLE – with lots of useful explanation and putting-it-in-context from Emily Pool and Katie Bownes (ICT Co-ord and Assistant HT/Art Co-ord respectively). Everyone logged in using the BucksGfL usernames and had the opportunity to have a go at quizzes, assignments, forums and view some static resources which we’d set up in a test course for the staff. After a break for coffee we moved to a different course (“The Sandpit”) in which everyone was a teacher with editing rights. Everyone had a topic to themselves, so we walked through Moodle creating a simple Resource (a web link), everyone created a Choice activity and then moved on to making a Quiz. Judging by a couple of people’s responses at the start (“I hate this sort of thing!”) I thought it might have been a struggle for some people but everyone made a quiz – it was (and they were) fantastic. There were some excellent examples of innovative ways of using the HTML editor to prepare interesting choices and quiz questions. The great thing about working in a group like this all at once is that everyone immediately gets to see other people using what they’ve just created – and can experience what others have done to get ideas and inspiration. By the end of it we had 24 choices and 17 quizzes containing 34 quiz questions. Lots of them were (obviously) just ‘testing the water’ sort of questions but it’s a good model of how we could get a group of subject co-ordinators (either primary or secondary) together and prepare a whole raft of categorised quiz questions which could be shared throughout the count(r)y…
One thing that’s been exercising my mind over the last few months is at what age it’s appropriate to start using something like Moodle. When chatting with the Year 5 & 6s at the end of last term they said that they had younger siblings (as young as Year 3) who would like to do things on WinsLE. At the start of today we speculated that the KS1 staff might like to concentrate on preparing a staff area, but it became clear fairly quickly that they could find lots of application for Choices and Resources within Moodle. The only issue we need to address is – from what age might/should we reasonably expect children to log in. If you’ve got any experiences about what works and what doesn’t… please leave a comment!
In the afternoon I went to John Hampden Grammar school in High Wycombe, who are going to be using their Moodle (note to self: Need To Christen This One With A Short Name Ending In LE”) to support the teaching of business and enterprise in the school. The Bucks Education Business Partnership is carrying out an audit of Enterprise Skills and we’ll be working with a small group of KS4 students to allow them to carry out the audit online.

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  1. Younger children might like an icon driven login? It might just speed things up?