Monday, September 04, 2006

Secondary to Primary

This morning was spent at an Inset at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury on Challenge For All – run by Bob Cox, the Able, Gifted & Talented adviser from the School Improvement Service (of course, I’d contend that lots of us might be any of those three, but Bob gets to be all three…). Geoff Lambrechts (ICT consultant) and I worked with the ICT staff (including the new headteacher) to explore how we might use the SHF VLE (installed just in time that morning by the ever-speedy Richard at Atomwide) to support work with AG&T students in ICT. Hopefully it’ll be the start of work in secondary schools in Aylesbury Vale – Geoff is looking to co-ordinate things with a meeting of Heads of ICT so that we can start to share things at secondary level.
Immediately after that I dashed to Amersham to visit the Oaks Primary PRU (Pupil Referral Unit). This is a very different application – the Head there wants to start using Moodle to share resources with parents, pupils (who aren’t attached to the Oaks, just referred there from other schools) and possibly other professionals such as police and social care staff. I can’t wait for the new roles architecture that’s coming in the next but one version of Moodle – however, we need to think about how we handle accounts for those who aren’t in a school every day – such as parents, inspectors, social care staff… create accounts for all of those (and attach the accounts to a school) and it’s a short hop to the school becoming a mini-ISP (20 external users a day phoning for help and/or new passwords as they’ve forgotten their existing one? “No thanks” would be the answer from most schools…). In the near future Mrs Conway-Read (the Head at The Oaks) hopes to do some work with people from Stockton CLC in the area of eTwinning – and if you followed this summer’s UK MoodleMoot you might recall that Val Brooks from Stockton CLC presented there – so it looks like there’s a lot of mileage here.

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