Friday, September 29, 2006

We B(e)BC Jammin' at Naace

I'm at the Naace All Members Annual Conference - about twenty-four hours in all, held at the Cisco HQ in Bedmont Lakes near Heathrow. I'm currently in a session on BBC Jam presented by Neil Livesey. Visit the web site to find out more - this is more about how the content would be delivered - for example via SCORM 2004, SIF, Federated Authentication (I'm assuming that's going to mean Shibboleth). SCORM 2004 will mean that the content will be useable in any of our school's Moodles. From what he's saying it looks like BBC Blast and any other online BBC educational services will work with Shibboleth, which is good news for those schools using BucksGfL usernames. It will also work with caches such as the Atomwide CachePaq - which means schools will be able to preload content on their local cacheing server. English 5-7 with stories from Jackanory? Ah, the cockles of my heart are warmed... the French stuff looks good (the language as it's spoken by French kids rather than conversational French in textbooks), as does the History material. It's designed for learners to use themselves at their own pace, as well as being used in class. The interface looks nice and customisable, but the real test would come by working out how it would interoperate with a VLE or Learning Platform.

Speaking of Learning Platforms, after this I'm speaking on Learning Platforms - Update & Exemplification - which sounds like a bit of a mouthful and I don't think is the title I gave, but never mind. Let's subtitle it Building a Sustainable Learning Platform in Buckinghamshire and see what happens... if I remember I'll post the PowerPoint here later, although it's not necessary a linear one...
Just a brief note, someone's asked at the end if the SCORM content will be useable in Moodle - so up comes Neil's Moodle server (!) at and we're looking at the French 11 to 14 content now...
(big grin... :-)

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