Monday, October 16, 2006

Naace AMAC 2006 Presentation

After much faffing other important work I've published my presentation from the Naace All Members Annual Conference from the end of September. If you were there, or even if you weren't, it's available online via the BucksGfL Breeze server (warning! this means it's narrated, so it's useful if you're currently suffering from insomnia). If there are any questions arising from the presentation then please post them as comments to this post. Apologies to those who asked me about it for the delay. Thanks!


  1. Hi Ian, good to read your blog! Your presentation on this conference is good....real good. I'm going to come back to it again later this evening.

    I have been writing my own blog as well after inspiration from yourself.

    I'll be back again.
    regards Tish

    now you got me researching all sorts!

  2. Hi Ian,
    This was a really helpful overview and gave me a clearer view of the large picture - even though I've been working on some of the smaller bits of the large picture for a while.
    It might be a good idea to put a link to this presentation on the front page of

  3. Hi Ian,

    I was very interested to hear your presentation. I 've decided to try and set up mooodle for my school as the VLE the county has set up is very clunky and hard to use, i felt moodle may be a better option. Also, I have recently swapped from microsoft Office to open source office within the school and I want to continue on this path.

    I suspected county would not take a request to host moodle well, as they already supply a VLE so want us to use that, so I've asked a 'mate' to host it for me.

    You said in your presentation this was a bad idea. Not understanding the technicalities involved I wonder if you could explain why it's a bad ide and what I should avoid?

    Many thanks,