Monday, December 04, 2006

Educational Change & ICT

This morning I got an email from someone called Peter Twining, who I somehow got in touch with while he was part of the eStrategy Implementation Review (eSIR - surely a candidate for "Acronyms you'd like to use in a VLE"?). Anywho, this document reviews Priorities 2 (Integrated online support for children and learners) & 3 (A collaborative approach to personalised learning activities) of the Government's eStrategy and my only tiny, tiny involvement was a web form filling in exercise, followed by a phone interview conducted a long time ago (something tells me it was nearly about a year ago) with someone from the Open University, who were commissioned by Becta to write the report.
The report (PDF, 2MB) makes really interesting reading - bear in mind that this covers FE as well - and has lots of allusions to a "popular open source VLE" that shall not dare speak its name - but it's not a puff piece for anything, more of a very realistic look at the world of educational ICT.
Seriously, the more I read this document the better it gets - there's a lot of common sense out there and it's one of the best (meaning "closest to the real world with all its foibles") documents I've read from Becta plus (hallelujah) it's got a comprehensive Reference section. Get yourself a big cup of tea, a few biscuits (maybe half a pack) and go read...

Jan 2007 edit: here's a podcast interview from Leon Cych at Learn4Life with Peter Twining.

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