Wednesday, December 20, 2006

News round up

Lots of things over the past few weeks that have caught my eye and should have been mentioned sooner:
First (and foremost? we shall see...), before or during BETT the "results" of the Becta Learning Services Framework Agreement process will be "announced" to schools, LAs (and anyone else who's listening) - the response to this will probably be an overwhelming "huh?" with scattered "b*gger!" and a 10% risk of "whatever". Now all that needs to happen is that the MIS framework stuff is agreed, so learning platforms can actually happen... mind you, the Becta entry on Wikipedia notes that there were only 11 comments on the MIS consultation over two months - is that encouraging or not?
A couple of things from Bucks were noted in the Guardian eLearning BETT special last week - I of course neglected to buy the paper that day but was given a copy later on after emailing a number of people in a panic. Dan China's (County Art Adviser) use of Flickr got a mention in John Davitt's Q&A section and there was a link to the BucksGfL learning platform presentation from the Naace All Members Annual Conference, bizarrely in the hardware section of the pre-BETT information.
And finally (sorry, began a sentence with "and") here's a nice article written by eight-graders which arrived (in October...) in my Gmail inbox via Google Alerts.

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