Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BETT Wednesday - all quiet on the BT front

Wednesday's the first day of BETT, and a very quiet day it is too. It's made even quieter for me by the fact that, around about the start of the show, a piece of BT network equipment fails in London meaning that there's no access to any of the Breeze/Connect or Moodle stuff I'm supposed to be demonstrating at the show. Far more importantly, it means there's no access to BucksGfL services for schools in Bucks - schools within the Wide Area Network (WAN) should be able to access things but since external email and web use takes up the vast amount of traffic this is a very significant failure on BT's behalf - and also UKERNA / Janet who are s'posed to be ensuring for us that the service is functioning. Several assurances from BT that "things are fixed" are, at best mistaken and at worst fibs, so the entire day is spent trying to find out from anyone at UKERNA or BT what's going on. Needless to say, they don't know or don't say, and we are left fuming.
Meanwhile, at the show, the main focus is - guess what? Learning Platforms, Learning Platforms, Learning Platforms... those suppliers who are on the Becta approved list are strutting it about but not many other people seem to care. Informal discussions with other providers and individuals make it clear that the real world is very different to that evisaged by the framework.
My main concern is that some sort of connectivity for schools in Bucks arrives ASAP - and on a much less significant level, that it arrives in time for the BETT seminar that Steve Snowball, Mark Granger and I are due to give on Friday.

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