Monday, January 08, 2007

Free! SCORM! Flash! (etc) & The Guardian & Being Scared At BETT

If the acronym SCORM means anything to you (should it? to anyone? should a teacher or pupil ever see those five letters in that proximity and that order? discuss...) then this is quite possibly for you, or someone you know who doesn't get out much...

Xerte - examples / download

"Xerte is an xml editor and run time engine that makes it easy to create and deploy interactive learning objects that are highly accessible and SCORM compliant. Xerte helps you focus on interactive design by providing tools that are fit for purpose and easy to use. Users of Xerte will be familiar with Flash and will benefit from some experience in ActionScript or JavaScript..."

Maybe that last bit excludes me and you but still, go and play!

Ooh nearly forgot, and tomorrow the Guardian's E-Learning section (now renamed Link presumably 'cos it's easier to pronounce than educ@Guardian) comes with a supplement on Learning Platforms in association with RM and Intel. Interesting reading or a shoe-in for the usual suspects? Let's see... for the moment go and read John Pugh's article on the DfES/Becta's attitude to Open Source - Stephen Lucey's usual reply is there too.

Oh, and if you're off to BETT this week, please don't be frightened by the scary people who will harangue you with (maybe even the exact) words to the effect of Are you ready for Spring 2008? Don't be afraid, they're just trying to scare you 'cos they know you've got money. Trust me.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    If you're looking for something that's easier to use than Xerte then try Exe: