Friday, January 12, 2007

Moodle, Moodle everywhere...

Well, from last year when HUGToB flew the Moodle flag at BETT and one or two other stands mentioned it in passing (we did make the news, mind...) - this year the world and his wife / her husband were dropping the "m" word. I was going to scuttle round and take photos of all of the stands who mentioned it, but ran out of time.
Eventually, after the lack of internet connectivity to schools in Buckinghamshire made the local press, BT fixed things after what appeared to be a breathtaking display of ineptitude. A little bird told me the problem was that a card in a rack somewhere wasn't seated properly (note to the non technical: that means someone hadn't pushed it in) - I was also told about BT engineers being sent to an exchange in one town to fix something, only to go to the wrong town, find everything there fine (unsurprisingly) and head home... eventually when things were fixed, we still had a 6 hour wait until 11pm on Thursday in case resetting the switch inconvenienced the other customers who used it. Seriously, if BT had been at the show I'd have been tempted to nip round the back of their stand and pull all the cables out. Just for effect, you understand.
One of the most useful meetings I had was with Hannah Jones, who runs the SLICT programme delivered by the NCSL. Reading her comments in the Guardian's Learning Platforms supplement last week (still not online - unbelievable!) - two main points come out:

  • learning platforms shouldn't be contained within individual schools and
  • they should be driven by the learners themselves

Can I tick both boxes? I hope so... we're using something that's written by educators and influenced by teachers, and I've got a vision for an ePortfolio system which will definitely place the learner at the centre of all this - it has to. Also, using the same system across the county means that those schools who want to be involved can smooth transition, 14-19 sharing and professional development between them - and surely this makes for a better experience for both learners and teachers? Anyway, here's Leon's interview with Hannah which stresses the importance of leadership in all this... it also references the Becta Educational Change & ICT report.

I'd be interested to know if 40% of school leaders in Buckinghamshire have been through SLICT, which I heard one head describe as "the best piece of professional development I've ever been on". Result! See the rest of the Learn4Life BETT videos here.

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