Monday, January 08, 2007

Return to Naples

It's the Monday of BETT week.
All around the country (or at least in those regions within bearable travelling distance of London), headteachers are asking their ICT co-ords / network managers "where is it you're going to in London again?", to which the answer will come "Earls Court - or is it Olympia?".
BETT 2006Just before BETT last year was the first blog posting in this neck of the woods and this year I'm schlepping off to Olympia to be on the Adobe stand at K40 in the National Hall demonstrating Connect (the new Adobesque name for Breeze) and Captivate in my role as an AEL, I'll also be camping on the edge of the Atomwide stand at K46 (just across the way from Adobe, head for the DfES Policy in Practice monolith and you're there) telling people who want to know about what Buckinghamshire have been doing with Moodle. Atomwide's application to be a Moodle partner is in a long and winding queue somewhere, so it's not possible to have a Moodle logo (or even the word) on the stand (it's all very complicated - or simple, depending on your point on view), there is a Moodle partners' stand upstairs at SW60 and a search of the BETT exhibitors will provide a brief list of new Moodle-related products and services (including a Moodle on a stick type application - ring any bells, anyone? why not make your own and save yourself a few bob?).
Oh, and on Friday I'm teaming up with Mark Granger and Steve Snowball from West Sussex to present a seminar for Naace entitled (ahem) Lessons Learned from Implementing a Virtual Learning Environment Across Two Local Authorities in England - it's at 4.15pm in Seminar Theatre C and does exactly what it says on the tin. I hope. Apparently it's going to be recorded and subjected to the usual podcast yadda, so will no doubt be around elsewhere soon. We hope to link up with some pupils from West Sussex via their Moodle, so if you're around at the death on Friday and fancy a sit-down, please come along if you've not seen what's being done in Buckinghamshire and West Sussex. I know it'll the end of Friday, but please try not to sleep!
Speaking of internet audio, I came across an extended interview with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia on BBC Radio Five Live. It's a useful piece to hear and will be on the BBC site for the next seven days - it covers a little about Creative Commons, goes over the philosophy behind Wikipedia and similar collaborative projects and covers why "non-commercial" doesn't mean "anti-commercial". It also floats the idea of free college/university courses for everyone, i.e. giving them the skills to use the information at their disposal. Have a listen and see what you think...

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