Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Andy Tyerman & Robin Ball - Becta Vision for Learning Platforms

Robin Ball came to see us in Buckinghamshire a while ago to see what we and West Sussex were doing with Moodle. This presentation starts off with some quotes from the Gilbert Review and then moves on to the eStrategy. The first acknowledgement is that Harnessing Technology was not written well in schoolspeak and needs to be repurposed for that.
The first quote is about the Spring 2008 target - with an emphasis that this is not a learning platform target. The second is the aspiration for MIS integration by 2010. These are obviously nebulous targets but the reaminder of the presentation is about the Learning Platforms Framework.
The main reasons for the Framework are the potential problems with 23,000 different buying units (schools) doing different things. There's an emphasis that the emphasis was on functionality.
Here are what recommendations are for procuring Learning Platforms:

  • Develop a vision for teaching and learning with SLT, teachers, parents, governors and learners
  • Complete the self-review framework
  • Work through the Learning Platform Functionality Matrix
  • (apparently) the effectiveness of a deployment is dependent on the robustness of the Statement of Requirements in which the mini-competition can be framed
The 2008 target is mentioned by Robin Ball but there's no real exploration of it. One point he does make is the accessibility was the major stumbling block for most of the suppliers of LPs. Finally Robin finishes with the "Web 2.0 in five minutes" video, so if you've not seen it here it is...
All in all this was a good presentation, but again I don't think it told many people in the room things they didn't know. At one point someone did ask "who is this presentation aimed at?" and the answer was "mainly local authorities" (there were a few school staff in the room) - but (crumbs) if a local authority came to this and learned a lot then I'd be worried. Not due to the nature of the presentation (which was fine) - but due to what that would say about the position of the LA in question.
As a bit of extension material, here's a scratchy podcast from Learn4Life of an interview with Robin Ball (I think he's on his handsfree in his car and it's recorded over Skype). At least he's safe from 3 points and a sixty quid fine.

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