Thursday, February 01, 2007

Becta/Moodle makes ZDnet and Winslow make the local paper

Two "press" things, today and yesterday:
On a national scale, one of my Google Alerts picked up a Q&A with Stephen Lucey from Becta on ZDNet. The questions seem to have been assembled by reading recent posts on the Naacetalk list, but that's no bad thing. At least Stephen Lucey gives an answer that says "a learning platform is a range of products". Questions in the article include:

  • The nature of Becta's policy towards open source is not clear. While Becta published a report that seemed to back it, many industry critics say you favour large, proprietary suppliers. Could you clarify Becta's position?
  • A few eyebrows were raised when you revealed your 10-strong shortlist for the provision of learning platforms. There were no providers of open-source software in there. Why?
  • John Pugh is supportive of an open-source platform called Moodle. He is annoyed that schools can't procure products like that.

Read the full article here - or, if Moodle through the framework is what you're interested in, I refer the Right Honourable Member to the answer I gave earlier...

On a local scale, the Bucks Herald ran an article yesterday about Winslow CE Combined's use of their VLE. Katie Bownes and Emily Poole are quoted - we originally gave the paper a link to the BucksGfL information page so that other schools could find out more, but it wasn't include. Read the full article here.

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