Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mix together mint, sugar, video, lime, rum, soda, Sir Ken Robinson...

and you get...
Mojiti! (Apparently in Chinese this means "magic click".) OK so it's not quite a Mojito. This came recommended by Leon Cych so I thought I'd have a go...
Mojiti Recipe:

  1. Take a video hosted online at YouTube, Google Video, Revver, etc.
  2. Add your own comments, subtitles, animations (rotten eggs anyone)?
  3. Save on the Mojiti site.
  4. Embed the video somewhere on your own web space, and...
Here are some of my (mainly serious) annotations to one of my favourite online videos anywhere, Sir Ken Robinson speaking on Creativity.

This would be an excellent tool for something like media studies, or art, or English, or, or...
Here's how it could work in Bucks:
  1. Teacher identifies appropriate Google / YouTube vid to be analysed by students.
  2. Teacher requests that individual vid to be unblocked and allowed through BucksGfL filtering
  3. Teacher sets "online text" assignment in school's Moodle
  4. School's Moodle admin ensures that "object embed" is enabled in Moodle settings
  5. Students create account on Mojiti, select video identified in (1) to be the basis for their annotations.
  6. Students create Mojiti Spot Sets to analyse video
  7. Students copy object
    code from their finished video and paste into their online text assignment
  8. Teacher can watch videos within Moodle's assignment marking system.
Now wouldn't that be neat? The main issues are with enabling embed across a Moodle site, which pre-v1.7 is a "for once and for all" setting, while in 1.7 it can be done in a more sophisticated way in conjunction with the new roles architecture.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    I like the idea - you do have a lot don't you? But (as a teacher in Bucks) you know I value all things BucksGfL (except the filtering bit - Eastern Grid did it better in an earlier life IMHO). Have you ever tried to get a website blocked or unblocked? I am hoping we will have opted out of the centralised filtering machinations by the time Moodle 1.7 arrives.