Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Primaries get the sharing bug

Things are moving on apace with the roll-out of Moodle in our primaries. In the south of the County (Wycombe and Chiltern & South Bucks areas) Andy Dickson and Pat Trowbridge from the ICT curriculum support team have been encouraging schools to get involved. We had an "are you interested?" meeting in late January, at which everyone said "yes, we are..." so today I left home early to travel to Iver Heath Junior school, who hosted our first sessions introducing Moodle to a group of primaries.
We had about ten schools in the morning and about seven in the afternoon - as we're not shelling out on software licences we can pay for supply cover, so most schools sent two people along - many Headteachers came (really helpful if a primary school's thinking about Moodle) and we ran what was effectively the same session in both morning and afternoon. Those schools there in the morning had a much clearer idea of what they'd like to do - Tudors, World War 2, Geography, Numeracy were all in there. The plan is that schools decide what sorts of courses they'll build in conjunction with other schools - so there's no re-inventing of the wheel, much more collaboration and we can start towards some sort of community of practice around online learning.
Interestingly, at one point in the morning we showed the schools the Primary VLE area on the BucksGfL Moodle site - and I suddenly realised that people had been sharing courses with each other and I'd not noticed (which to my mind is A Good Thing) in a similar way to how courses and other resources are shared on the main Moodle Exchange. The current list of courses reads as:

How good is that? It's really exciting and (to my mind) reinforces my theory that primaries will be the main driving force in this - due to their number, the ways in which they work and the fact that there's much more scope for being created. I'm really looking forward to when the schools we're working with now begin to start sharing courses, and we get to cover many more curricular (and non-curricular!) areas.

Unfortunately to anyone reading from outside of Buckinghamshire, these courses are intended for sharing within Buckinghamshire schools only. I hope to look at sharing these on a wider basis - indeed, if you're from a primary school outside of Bucks and would like to start to participate in a course exchange then please add a comment to this entry and we'll see what we can do. Surely we can start something with the Moodlers in West Sussex or Cumbria and Lancashire?

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