Thursday, February 15, 2007

A song from a similar hymn sheet

Learning Platforms. ePortfolios.

You've got to love them. (No, really, sorry, you've got to, you've got money which you've got to spend on loving them.)
Actually, if you like the idea of Learning Platforms but don't like a top-down, government dictated, sausage factory view of them, then you'll love Martin Owen's post on the shiny newish Futurelab Flux blog. The comments are worth reading too...

It's always good to find someone who's (more than) a little cynical about what some would call a dystopian vision of how Learning Platforms might be, but is so obviously optimistic. If you've got a vision for using a whole bunch of tools which might be characterised by Those Who Tell You What To Spend as colouring outside of the lines, then you need to read the article above.

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