Friday, March 02, 2007

BeebTube - Broadcast Your Licence Fee.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - or the BBC broadcasts themselves. Or gets someone else to do it for them.
Today the BBC, BBC News and BBC Worldwide launched channels on YouTube to broadcast clips of programmes. Very nice - but of course, this is a (paranoid? Your call) broadcaster, so embedding of clips anywhere else is prohibited (understandable, but not the real leap into Web 2.0 the Beeb must have been imagining this to be). I'd love to be able to see (useful) BBC clips embedded in assignments, forums, quizzes in Moodle to really distribute content, but looks like that won't happen (legally) under this model.
It's almost like the Beeb wants to embrace YouTube in a Web 1.0 way - it's publishing content, rather than allowing other people to decontextualise it and use it for their own purposes. Maybe it'll be a sign of maturity when that happens and the BBC is confident enough in its own image to allow people to mess with the clips it chooses to release in the wild...
Family viewing? Watch the Russell Brand video diary and wait for the Daily Mail backlash. "Our licence fee" etc...

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