Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Iver Heath Robinson idea?

Today was the second meeting (here's a brief account of the first) for the two cohorts of primary schools from the High Wycombe / Chiltern & South Bucks areas of the County to meet at Iver Heath Junior school and continue to learn how to use their Moodles. Essentially, as with last time, we ran the same session twice in one day (more palatable than a whole day, withsmaller groups to allow more one to one or one to a couple working).
In the previous sessions we'd imported a course for them to download and install (a "Games Room" consisting of some Flash files) - today we started off by covering the use of RSS feeds in Moodle. RSS is obviously the way forward for all sorts of information sharing and I hope to explore this and do some (more) Captivate movies to help set up RSS resources in Moodle (and possibly start to build an ePortfolio using the technology) in the near future.
We then moved on to creating a course from scratch - the groups varied significantly in whether they had a definite subject or theme for their first "home grown" course - but wherever they were, we looked at creating a series of simple web links (and in some cases uploading their own files) and structuring a course, adding teachers and generally giving them some skills to get going if they want to do some more between now and about three weeks' time when we meet for the final time. A lot of the work to do with web links was skills about how to get the most out of an online resource, whether it's linking directly to a full screen version of a Flash movie on the BBC web site or being able to title web links appropriate to engage children.
Finally we looked at customisation (including the Chameleon theme) and will meet again on the 27th of March (I think, my calendar is a foreign country to me sometimes...)

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