Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mark Berthelemy - online social networking and teacher CPD

Mark's running an interesting session on CPD, mentioning the CPD Connections site (in Elgg) and why it's folded. He's emphasing that the reason it failed was the capacity of people involved (on the Capita side) to stimulate the network and make it work - enablers I guess - and that the software worked fine as a tool. Mark's now talking about his own CPD and how various Web 2.0 tools enable it - people he learns from like Stephen Downes, Miles Berry, etc. Oooh, now there's a screen shot of this blog on there (blush).
This is an interesting session - it might not appear on first listen / view to be the most stimulating one when compared with the keynote from the first evening but (as an ex-colleague from Hertfordshire said to me afterwards) it's the sort of session that can inspire and encourage you to go and do something which makes a difference to the way you work. The first night's session on ICT culture is changing children's brains was stimulating, thought provoking and very theoretically challenging, but Mark's session was simply practical (and practically simple? Don't think I could get away with saying that...) and offered someone who hadn't yet dipped their toe in the Web 2.0 world (as a producer of content) ways in and a challenge to get going.
His most pertinent question - what if your Chief Education Officer kept a blog? Right, my mission this term is to try and make that happen in Bucks. Note I didn't say make it happen, the emphasis is on the word try...
Appropriately, all of Mark's bookmarks from the presentation are on Diigo under the naace2007 tag. Here's a video he used to give a brief overview of a blog... in case you don't know. Watch this and think what these words would mean if applied to a headteacher, chief education officer, Ofsted inspector... etc.

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the positive review. You're right, the CPD Connections site didn't close because of the software. Elgg is a brilliant tool. But any formal social network (ie. one that you invite people to join) needs some sort of facilitation/modelling to engage people. Just as you would in a face-to-face situation.

    CPD Connections was an experiment that showed that to be true...

    Oh - and thanks for letting me show your blog. I still think that the way you use it to highlight and disseminate interesting practice around Bucks is a model that any LA advisor/consultant could usefully follow.