Friday, March 02, 2007

Reflections on Naace in the rain

I'm sat overlooking the sea in Torquay as the impending rain does its best to wash away the memories of a sunny day yesterday (hello Dr Johnson). The Naace Strategic Conference is over for another year and it was slightly different, though as ever I probably missed out on some things - often in the parallel sessions when (for example) at any one time there were nine options - three in each of the three themes. At the risk of repeating myself, it would be interesting to allow personalisation of every element of the programme - not a free-for-all, but a slight re-jigging of those elements which are perceived as more important (the lead presentations?) than others (the parallel ones?).
The themes worked quite well (for me, anyway), giving a much clearer sense of purpose than the previous format of little or no structure, which sometimes gave a pot-luck supper feel to the proceedings.
Anyway, with most CPD there are supposed to be outcomes / action points / etc., so here are some of mine:

  • explore how to get my Chief Education Officer blogging (thanks Mark)
  • start to share examples of commercial content on the BucksGfL (thanks 2Simple)
  • explore some interesting accessibility tools and start to integrate them with Moodle (tba)
  • push on with our ePortfolio project and get some early versions in schools asap
  • begin to write up some of the work we've been doing as papers - anyone know the best place to share this? Answers in a comment please...
  • do some more How To Captivate movies, share them within Bucks and beyond. Two movies a week? Maybe...

In other news (though it barely counts as such), the piece of filming I did last week for the Naace CPD How To guides is on the Naace Future Learning web site. I should apologise for the pasty appearance, I was still quite ill when I did it! Mind you, at the time of writing none of the videos appear to work (ahem)... possibly due to currently being unavailable.

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