Monday, March 05, 2007

A Tale of Two Secondaries

OK, it's not that much of a tale - today I was in two secondary schools - Mandeville Upper School and Aylesbury High School.
I went to a meeting a few weeks ago where our local MEP James Elles was visiting with a view to carrying out a videoconference between the school and Brussels using the BucksGfL Breeze videoconferencing system. As a precursor to this he's visiting the school next Friday to meet with a group of Year 10 Citizenship students to discuss the EU and what it means to them. To "prime" them for this event and to get them used to the idea of discussing things, we're going to use the Mandeville Moodle site to facilitate discussion and reflection about the EU, so yesterday I met with two Citizenship teachers who will be working with the 35 or so students and we started to build the EU section on the VLE. All I need to do now is send James E his log in and we might be getting there... one thought though: next Friday is Red Nose Day. Will everyone be in fancy dress in baths of baked beans? Uh-oh...
Then this afternoon I visited AHS to meet with the two staff who will be delivering the Year 9 Speaking & Listening Podcasting Unit which has been developed in conjunction with Lindsey Thomas, our Secondary English consultant. It was developed on the main BucksGfL Moodle site and has been backed up and then restored onto the AHS Moodle. Next Monday is the day when Year 9 will get to try it out for themselves, so we spent most of an afternoon ironing out the creases, changing the wording of instructions for wikis, forums and assignments and I'm in the middle of recording some Captivate movies on podcasting (which I hope to share here soon). All in all it's coming together well, and when the scheme of work is "finished" we hope to share it among other Buckinghamshire secondaries for refinement and improvement...


  1. You seem to be providing some very interesting glimpses into what you are doing in Buckinghamshire LEA. And you also seem to be doing lots of screencording etc.

    Do you have any plans/feelings about releasing such ideas/screencording in an opensource or creativecommons fashion? I think that this could really spark some collaborative work from teachers/educators outside the LEA.

  2. I definitely will do... it's just an "hours in the day" issue! I'm preparing material for podcasting and hope to share it soon...