Tuesday, April 24, 2007

E-pedagogy is... and: LDR!

...about to lift off? Maybe...
Last night's twilight session was very well attended, with perhaps around 25 people from a wide range of schools - a couple of special schools and the remainder being an equal mix of primary and secondary. We started late at 4.15ish and finished at about twenty to six or so.

It's really difficult to guage how sessions like this go - being a twilight doesn't help, but I was quite encouraged. Gill's presentation touched on the lack of existing research in the area of e-pedagogy while working with school-age children and gave some examples of previous work done by course members at Camden CLC.
Basically, if we can get 15-20 people signed up for the course then it will be viable to run in Buckinghamshire. People present were interested in applying the course to their existing CPD paths - and to my mind doing something like this is an ideal introduction to thinking about online learning. While most of the schools represented are already using Moodle in some way, not all were - but since (a) working with small groups of pupils / students and (b) only involving a few teachers in a well-defined initial project is the way I'd encourage most schools to start to think about dipping their toes in the waters of online learning, this seems like a relevant and accredited way to get going.
Some people who have already been working in Moodle for a while were concerned that they might be expected to udnertake very basic projects - almost a retrograde step for them. However, the important thing about the course is that it starts from where schools are - whether "basic" or "advanced" - and then proceeds from there. It also encourages schools, staff and pupils to work cross-phase and in cross-curricular ways so I'm hoping we get enough people to make it viable. Above all, it's about teaching and learning rather than ICT and I really hope we get to recognise the work that's already going on in schools.
Elsewhere... one of the outcomes of Merlin John's visit to see Paul at Buckingham Primary School is part of an article in the NCSL online magazine for school leaders LDR entitled Platform for Progress.

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