Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Googletanks on lots of lawns?

In case you hadn't seen:
Google Documents and Spreadsheets will shortly ("this summer") have an online PowerPoint killer presentations application as part of its suite of software. It won't cost you anything other than any privacy implications from a Google account and bandwidth.
Also, Google have just bought some Java-based software from a Swedish company to launch their own video-conferencing system (Google has only bought the software, not the company, so the plethora of reports of Google enters the videoconferencing market may be a little premature). Now, if they did enter the market do we think they'll rewrite it in Flash, Ajax (or whatever's after that) or keep it in Java?
Interestingly, the Official Google blog post refers to "Googlers" as the users of this system - does this mean it's an internal Google-focused system or designed to be used by anyone? The latter would have massive implications for all sorts of things... it would be one thing to give everyone in the world with an internet connection 2GB of email storage, quite another to spec enough servers to allow them all to talk to one another. Are you a Googler? Am I?

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  1. Marratech is being used in Scotland's national intranet, Glow, so maybe we're Googlers ;-) TBH, I think there might be some interesting mashing together of products. It'll mean some quick thinking about our own projects to take advantage of these changes and make sure that the intranet doesn't lag any further behind free web (but multi-signup) technologies than it might do.