Monday, April 23, 2007

What is E-Pedagogy?

A long, long time ago (I really have no idea when) I was at our Teaching and Learning Centre when someone was introduced to me by, I think, Simon Lockwood, our Humanities Adviser. He mentioned that she was from Oxford Brookes and that in some way he was involved in a course thinking about online learning. I gave her my card (when you're given two boxes of them and don't get out much then you tend to give them to anyone, especially if your Mum already has about three...) and vaguely remembered it from time to time.
About a month and a half ago, Gill Potter (Senior lecturer in ICT and Education) to whom I had given my card) gave me a "Remember me?" sort of phone call and we arranged to meet at the Westminster Institute of Education on the south side of Oxford. I had since gained a better idea of what Simon L had been involved in in the course (held in Camden) and it turned out that Gill was leading that course. Simon's course was based on Brookes World, a Fronter-based system and Gill was interested in how this course might transfer into other systems, including our Moodle-based county-wide system. For me this was a chance to start to put some teaching / learning / pedagogical flesh on the infrastructural bones we've been building over the last few years - plus I could think of many of people who would appreciate the chance to formalise what they've been doing somewhat on the hoof in our Moodle experiences.
The main point is that there isn't much experience / evidence / guidance in what a pedagogy which involves E-Learning as a significant component might look like - and so tonight we're having an introductory "taster" session when Gill will outline to people who turn up (of which I'm hoping for more than a handful...) what the opportunities are. Rather than reproducing everything here, you can read her not-long-born blog which contains some interesting articles, including brief quotes from members of previous courses (which had a focus on Gifted and Talented education), examples of the projects they undertook and some useful What's in it for...? posts.
We hope to run the course over this year with a cohort of between 15 and 20 "students", with the potential to involve a few teaching and learning consultants as well, subject to which schools are involved. There's an outline of the course on Gill's blog (in PDF format) if you'd like a better idea of what it involves. There's also an area on the BucksGfL to support the E-Pedagogy qualification, which can contribute a third of a Master's qualification. The area is open to any member of staff with a BucksGfL username and password and there's a Q&A area for people who might not be able to make it to this evening's twilight. If you don't have a BucksGfL username, you can get similar information from Gill's blog.

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