Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Friday, it's 10:15, it's...

CrackerJack!!!! er, Teachers' TV?
Well, much as I'd love to crush a grape, jump off a doll's house, test drive a Tonka or wrestle an Action Man (oh, and if you're reading this from outside of the UK then I can only apologise on Stu Francis's behalf...) instead tomorrow morning I'll be taking the train into Marylebone to film two short (15 minute) Resource Review programmes for Teachers' TV. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say before the programme's broadcast - except (let me check my email from the production company):

...we’re looking at six VLE/Learning Platform-orientated products, covering both Primary and Secondary...
'Tis about all I can say, apart from I'm not allowed to wear anything with stripes / spots / patterns / logos on (no dressing up like Ian Krankie in the picture above then). They say it's to prevent interference with the cameras, but I think they know I'll look rubbish. In the meantime, you can watch two of my colleagues on Teachers' TV - Dan China (Art Adviser for Bucks) and Ruth Wilkes (MFL Adviser for Bucks). The format of tomorrow's programme will apparently be like this one - apparently my role is that of teacher. Please stop laughing at the back!
Also, as it's half term, here's an entertaining (for me) Breeze presentation created by our secondary English consultant Lindsey Thomas about How To Use Breeze (Connect) for your English Coursework - a follow-up to a post a few months ago.
And finally, on joining the Facebook group I prefer MS Paint over Adobe Photoshop - I came across this. Genius. If it's genuine.

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