Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My heart in San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco (no, really...) for the Adobe Education Leaders Summer Institute. Adobe are based in SF and there are about 85 people here from all over the world, mainly from the US but there are nearly ten of us here from the UK, as well as New Zealand and Singapore.

It's Wednesday now (we started on Monday evening) and I'm in a practical hands-on session on using the new Premiere Pro (part of Creative Suite 3). The breadth of experience of people here is amazing - and (you'd probably guess this) there are lots of people interested in using Moodle.
We've had some really interesting input from a whole host of Adobe people, but one of the highlights for me will (hopefully) be a discussion around "eLearning" with the product managers from Connect (still known as 'Breeze' in Bucks) which might be able to influence some of the future directions of the product. Apparently lots of the input from last year's Institute influenced the way that the new products in CS3 turned out... and if anyone's asking, I've shedloads of thoughts on how Connect might be better suited to easily using in school. There are lots of things it could learn from Moodle, in terms of easily changing the language files (which I'm pretty sure are in an XML file somewhere), sharing "classroom layouts" (aka "meeting room layouts") in a community (and teachers being able to use these as part of the process of creating a new room). Also, the ability to incorporate "stuff" into a meeting room via RSS and other tools... etc. etc.