Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moodle becoming schools' VLE of choice

A message on Facebook from Merlin John points lets me know about an article on his blog. Really interesting reading (primarily because it's based on research by BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association) it talks about how Moodle is (according to this data) the leading VLE of choice in secondary schools and a significant player in primaries. When combined this makes Moodle the most significant VLE in schools, due to the other offerings being markedly skewed towards either primary or secondary.

This is interesting, because bear in mind this is without Moodle being on the approved Learning Platform suppliers list and comes through a history of antipathy towards this sort of a solution from the DfES.

Read the full article on Merlin John's blog. Interestingly the article is sandwiched between two other postings - the one below refers to a Campaign to Avert Learning Platform mistakes and the one above reveals the percentages of schools who think LPs and ePortfolios are important in personalising learning. You might find the results interesting...

The full report is available from BESA for £250. Crumbs, think of all the years of hosting a decent-sized school Moodle you could get for that...

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