Thursday, October 18, 2007

Help! We’ve got a new learning platform

Doing the rounds of many staff rooms at the moment is Secondary Teacher, the Teachernet magazine. Normally this would pass me by, but there’s an excellent article in there which (with one reservation) I’d recommend to any secondary school (and some primaries) who are thinking about starting out with a VLE.

As easy as VLE

The article ("As Easy as V.L.E.") is on the Teachers Magazine site, but isn’t reproduced in full cartoon form (random thought: how long before someone develops a Manga theme for Moodle?) and importantly doesn’t include the main pitfalls of the process, but its main points are. Don’t rely on the electronic version, try getting hold of the original and (if necessary) photocopy the cartoon for whatever group of people is responsible for leading the VLE in your school. I’ve seen copies kicking around in most of the secondary staff rooms I’ve been in over the last couple of weeks, so there should be one near you if you’re in a secondary school.

The one reservation I have is for Buckinghamshire schools, who shouldn't follow the link to a company which offers Moodle services for schools (mentioned previously in these posts, who have blanket emailed our schools offering to sell them Moodle...) but should instead contact the ICT team at the Teaching & Learning Centre in Aylesbury.

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