Monday, January 21, 2008

PuppyCam on our Connect server

Well, it's not quite one of Atomwide's LGfL Birdboxes, but I recently had an email from one of our primary schools asking if they could broadcast a webcam from one of the teacher's homes. The reason? The teacher's dog was due to have puppies a week or so ago and she wanted to show the children at school what the puppies were up to. Short of using something like Mogulus or Ustream (which would almost certainly be blocked from school) it was a simple task to set up a dedicated Connect meeting room, give the teacher permission for her BucksGfL login to manage that room, and create two layouts. One had a large view of the webcam, the other had the webcam at top left and focused on photographs of, or PowerPoints containing photographs of and information about, the puppies. The result? PuppyCam - and yes, if you do Google it, you'll find lots of other PuppyCammage.

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