Saturday, January 26, 2008

Qik - broadcasting from your/my mobile phone

Wow. Not sure what it's got to do with this blog, apart from the fact that it's an innovative tool which could give all sorts of access (yes, including stuff that the Daily Mail wouldn't be happy with) but Qik has just made my jaw fall open, and it's rare that I see something and think Now that's remarkable. Simply put - get your mobile phone (probably 3G - you're going to need a flat rate data plan), sign up to Qik (it took about six hours for my account to come through in an SMS containing a weblink and activation code to my phone) and you can broadcast directly from your phone (assuming it has a video camera) to... whoever. Field trip report? Check. Participation in a lesson when you're not there (staff or student)? Check. One to many videoconferencing over your phone. Checkeroo (as J Richardson would say).
Below is an embedded video I've just done. Now, you could have watched this live, but as it is here's the recording. Note that nothing's stored on my phone - it's simply streamed to the site and then archived, which banishes the whole "I've run out of space on my phone and it takes ages to upload a file" problem to a greater extent.
I've recently got a sign-in for Seesmic which seems really interesting, Qik (and anything similar) appears to be in a similar ballpark but playing a very different game. Oh and you can post your Qik videos straight to Twitter and Seesmic...
The video runs out, just because the card on my phone is nearly full and the feed is (obviously) buffered. Still, nothing's stored on my phone, it goes straight here...

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