Friday, January 18, 2008

Personal clipping from the Guardian into Moodle

OK, so I'm probably a bit late to the party on this but here's how a keen teacher could easily share articles (in this case from The Guardian newspaper) with students in a Moodle course.
The first thing she'd need to do is to register to create an account which lets her log in to the newspaper site (and comment on blogs, etc.).
Once this is done she'll be able to visit any story on the Guardian site and "clip" it - using the link at the foot of the page - to save it to a clippings file. She should probably note that some older stories have "Save Story" at the foot of the page - this is a hangover from an older system but any older Saved Stories can be moved to her clippings file.
Then, if she visits her clippings file she'll see that it's got an RSS feed. She could easily place this feed in an RSS Feed Block within her Moodle course - then her students could access her "clipped" stories through the RSS feed block. If she wanted to she could have a quick preview of my RSS feed (which shamelessly contains Moodle stories from the Guardian).
Of course, other newspapers and web sites can do this, but for some people it might be a simple way of starting off in social bookmarking.

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