Friday, January 11, 2008

Teachmeet at BETT

Blogging from TeachMeet 2008...
NCSL - videos and resources for leaders
RM Asus - nice brief presentation (and this blog post is being written on a stylish black Asus)
Jeff Howson - uLearn - this is a sales pitch - it's the Naace Social Networking conference all over again
TeachMeet 2032? It's going to be virtual, Ewan will be a grandfather.
Bugger, this one was me. My Flash movie didn't work so I had to use the one in my email from, which was the non-paused version of this message. I showed the Moodle Support area of the BucksGfL and the directory of shared courses. I think I mainly mumbled. Hmm. Anyway, here's the message - please don't read too much into it!
Back to the good presentations. The next one is Vivien Bailey from Warwickshire, who's talking about blogging using Honeycomb. We've looked at Honeycomb for ideas for a primary ePortfolio, but the price was waaaay to high - who knows if this might change?
Ian Grove-Stephenson (who I've spoken to on the phone but have never met) is talking about Yacapaca.
A fiteen minute break.
Andy Black is doing gadgets and gizmos. "It's not about the device stupid". A lot of random gadgets... including a rare battery powered data projector.
Nanopresentations - Doug Dickinson on Ictopus, Doug Belshaw on a new EdTech podcast, Steve Sidaway on EduTxt, Dave Stacey on Ten Commandments on Evangelising ICT.
Theo Kuchel on Free and Easy. Tools like Sketch for the Mac and some impromptu community singing...
Drew Buddie - no Powerpoint, just a mobius strip on large pieces of paper. Plus one pair of scissors. I've seen this before at the MoodleMoot a couple of years ago.
Leon's doing his live video streaming (Mogulus) and Creative Commons licensing (Picture Sandbox)
Derek Robertson on games based learning. Phoenix Wright sounds like Phoenix Nights (in pronunciation) and there's been a merrrder.
And that's it - time for Pizza Express. But not this one.


  1. Hi Ian,

    Good to see you again at BETT. I think your model of providing CPD in return for teachers sharing content is fantastic.

    It could only work in a public-funded, rather than commercial, situation. Otherwise who's going to pay for your time. How did you manage to sell it to senior management?

  2. hope my gadgets werent to Random . Andy

  3. Hi Ian...Ed from ode here.

    A quick note to say that it was good to meet you at Teachmeet last Friday.

    Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat at dinner but there were just so many new faces that I didn't quite manage to keep up!

    We're admirers of Moodle at ode HQ and there are some plans forming on that front that might be worth a chat about at some point?